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 QUESO Video Features 


The Queso photo booth has the option to create Gifs.  The Photo Booth will take either 3, 4 or 5 quick images and combine them into the GIF.  Once the GIF has been created, your guests can watch the GIF and to email it to themselves.





Everyone loves Boomerang Videos.  The Queso photo booth will take a 1.5-second video and then will be looped forwards and backward for 7 seconds.  Once the Boomerang video has been created, your guests can watch the GIF and to email it to themselves.



See some examples of the Boomerang videos below:

The Queso Photo Booth is our newest Photo Booth and is the most advanced photo booth available today. It is the first and only photo booth that comes with two integrated screens.  

The front 15.6" screen is where you select what you want to do.  You can decide if you want to take a photo, a short video, create a Gif or even a Boomerang video.  There is also an option where the screen will show Pose Tips to give your guests some ideas on posing for the camera.
















The back 13.3" screen, on the photo booth, is where you go once the photos and videos have been created.  There are options for the screen to show all the images that have been taken.  Your guests can select their pictures and they have the option to print, text, or email their photos.  They can also view and email any videos that they have created.








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